Battle of the Mascaras!

May 16, 2012

 After obsessing over two mascaras for the past couple of weeks I have found a winner!!      The L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon black mascara battled it out with L'Oreal Voluminous      Millions lashes and lo and behold Voluminous Million lashes won! 


1.) Packing! It looks very expensive and high end, nothing like the usual drug store mascaras that look quite cheap.

2.) The brush! I personally enjoy plastic wands, I feel they work better for me rather than the soft bristle ones.  I find that the plastic wand REALLY separates my lashes and coats them A LOT better.  I feel that the wand also lengthens my lashes dramatically without giving them that clumpy result. 

3.) The price! I mean, c'mon, nowadays a mascara can cost you almost $25 or more! which is INSANE!! But not the Voluminous! You can get it for about $7-$8 at drugstores.


1.) Flaking? I have an 8-5 p.m. work schedule and I found that on a few occasions the mascara flaked a tiny bit right at about 5 p.m. which TO ME is NOT such a big deal considering how amazing it worked toward definition, length, volume...whatever you want to call it. Usually I get home and automatically remove my makeup.  This only happened A FEW times, other times I got NO flaking AT ALL.



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