Royal Blue

August 26, 2012

Let me first begin by saying how HOT it has been in LA for the past couple of weeks! As much as I LOVE Summer, this weather is just insane! Being that I cannot do anything about the heat, I embraced it by wearing summery, bright colors. Don’t ask me how, but these skinny jeans and neon blouse sure got me feeling happy and bubbly! As the end of Summer fast approaches, I have to say, I am REALLY looking forward to wearing the boots, dark skinny jeans and large knitted sweaters...and of course...losing all the Baby weight!

Outfit Details:
Top: H&M
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Vince Camuto)
Purse: H&M
Jewelry: MRSHEEK


August 20, 2012

I scored on this Splendid blouse a couple of weeks ago from TJMaxx.  Usually TJMaxx is a hit and miss but this time around I found some great stuff with reasonable prices of course.  This blouse is extremely comfortable very thin and flowy and what I like most is its made up of two different materials, I don't know if you can tell but the sleeves are made up of a soft cotton  and is actually a lighter shade of blue. Summer will be coming to an end and I am looking for great transitional pieces, all I can think about is scarf's, booties, leggings and leather jackets..

Oh, I almost forgot, the lipstick I am wearing is by Nars and its called "heat wave" which I think fits perfectly because in LA we are definitely having a heatwave.  This lipstick is an orange based red and I think it complements my olive skin just beautifully, I actually prefer and orange base rather thank a pink base.  If you are in the market for a red lipstick make sure to check this one out.

Hope you having a great week!!!

Blouse/Splendid. Jeans/Zara. Shoes/Nine West. Demi Link Necklace & Audrey Bracelet/MRSHEEK. Lipstick/Nars Heat wave

My top 5 Summer must haves

August 14, 2012

Even though summer is almost over I wanted to share with you all some of my Summer must haves! I absolutely LOVE summer! sandals, shorts, wedges make me happy :) 

1.) Lace mini shorts- I purchased a similar pair at Papaya and have fallen deeply in love with them.  Sexy, chic and perfect for a day out. The pair I got have a stretchy elastic waistband which makes it SO much comfortable. Paired with a colorful top it's sure to give you that soft and feminine look.

2.) Oh've never failed me.  No Summer outfit is complete without a good pair of wedges.  Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed! 
The last pair I purchased were from Old Navy and it was just about the best $20+ I had ever spent.  Dresses, jeans, shorts, rompers, you name it, it goes! 

3.)  Sunglasses & Summer is like Peanut butter & Jelly for me, ughh I think im hungry! lol. No, really it is! It's a MUST! My weapon of choice? MEOW!! Cat eye sunglasses! they have been very trendy for a while now and I'm not shocked one bit. Playful and Retro? YES please!! Another type of must have for me would be the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. OMG, I can't tell you all how head over heels I am over them! Wearing them is like having joined this elite community! LOL....I know, I know....what? Sometimes the small stuff makes a world of a difference for me.

4.) Turn up the heat with a Maxi Dresses like the one pictures above.  Gorge right? That aqua blue color is just fantastic.  Whether you're out running errands or gonna go grab some drinks, a maxi dress is definitely they way to go this Summer. Check out Forever 21, Nordstrom or H&M for an affordable Maxi dress that is just perfect for a hot summer day..

5.) Chain jewelry is SO in right now and the above are a few pieces from our online store  Accessorize your favorite Summer outfit like a true fashionista with a long link chain or stack on a few chain bracelets and you're set!

Summer Bashing....

August 9, 2012

It has been hot these last couple of days, I don't do very well in the heat and we still have about a month and a half before we get into the Fall.  I am the kind of girl that prefers the winter months over the summer.  I love everything about the Winter, the fashion, I love rainy days and cool crisp mornings, wearing boots with oversized sweaters, I can't think of one thing I hate about the Winter.  I think what it comes down too is I like to be comfortable and cozy...

When it comes to the Summer I like to keep it cool, I like to wear thin clothing like you see here in these pictures.  I never understand how girls can wear boots with leggings on a hot day, but that is besides the point.  Anything cotton and flowy is what I like.  Also another thing is I hate styling my hair especially during the Summer at times I don't even run a brush threw it because 1. it is too hot to use a blow dryer, flat iron..etc. and 2. I prefer the bed head look or I will wash my hair at night and put my hair in a braid and when I wake up in the morning I have this great beach wave look going.  I can literally keep on going but I think that's enough as you can see Summer is not my favorite time of year just grateful its almost over...

Old Navy Blouse. Zara Skirt. Zara Blazer. Tory Burch Flats. Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. MRSHEEK necklaces. Michael Kors Watch

All chained up

August 3, 2012

Today's jewelry was definitely the focus of this outfit of the day. A pair of jeans with a casual top and blazer and a lot of chains was sure to give me an awesome grunge look.  I'll be the first to admit that not everyday I wake up feeling cute and girly and am ready for a colorful dress and heels EVEN during SUMMER! I guess you can say that my style has MANY personalities.  Feeling a little Karl Lagerfeldish on the last picture! HA! HA! :)

Outfit details:

All Jewelry-
Sunglasses- Forever 21
Top-Cotton On