May 19, 2012

I thought I would share with you guys a bit of my week! So, if you're interested...keep reading! :)

First of all! Let me RAVE about this luxurious VOSS glass water bottle! I picked it up at Marshall's a while back for about $1.50 and let me just tell you I've NEVER been so motivated to drink water until I got this! LOL.  I know, weird right? For a while now, I've been drinking 50.4 fl. oz a day if not MORE! (about 4-5 bottles) which is more than I ever drank before.  I'm not sure but I wanna say you can get this glass bottle at your local VONS or Ralphs for about $3.50.  If you're not a water lover try it out! It might just be that you need a pretty container to get your daily water in take :)

*sigh* I couldn't help it, Victoria's Secret items make me melt! It's a bit personal what's in the baggy but I CAN tell you that it's blue and lacy.. HOT ;)

I made a stop at my very favorite Drugstore CVS and picked up some items I needed.  Well, maybe not the chocolate.  I picked up the Aquaphor lip repair.....amazing! I also needed an eye makeup remover and to my surprise, they sold out of the Neutrogena makeup remover ;(  Instead, I purchased the CVS brand, and I guess you can call it  L'Oreal  "knockoff" eye makeup remover which seems to be working well. Orbit, my favorite gum ever! and specifically, the strawberry! Yummy.

Had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen this week! Yumm-O! How refreshing does this drink look? One of my friends ordered this Strawberry Mojito, I never knew they even existed! It had tiny bits of Strawberries!

GO DODGERS!! This Sunday I get to take my son out for his FIRST ball game! YAY!! I am so excited!  We will get to walk the field and watch the players warm up which is going to be awesome! The weather looks like it will be pretty times ahead! :)

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