Hauler Deals Launch Party!

  May 27th, 2012

 Please excuse the dirty mirror! (my son insists on putting his dirty fingers all over it lol).    SO!! this is the outfit I decided on....simple yet chic!

    Blazer- XXI
    Shorts- XXI
    Shoes- Downtown LA
    Blouse-Boutique in Chinatown
    Necklace- www.mrsheek.com

    Me and Marisol!

  Blouse- Zara
  Skirt- BCBG
  Bracelet- www.mrsheek.com

    We met DulceCandy87 at the Launch party and oh my, she was soooo sweet and down to earth! Love her!

Here's a shot of Drai's Hollywood nighclub at the W Hotel, such an amazing spot!

View from the Rooftop at Drai's

Gift bag from the event! Awesome goodies!


 May 19, 2012

I thought I would share with you guys a bit of my week! So, if you're interested...keep reading! :)

First of all! Let me RAVE about this luxurious VOSS glass water bottle! I picked it up at Marshall's a while back for about $1.50 and let me just tell you I've NEVER been so motivated to drink water until I got this! LOL.  I know, weird right? For a while now, I've been drinking 50.4 fl. oz a day if not MORE! (about 4-5 bottles) which is more than I ever drank before.  I'm not sure but I wanna say you can get this glass bottle at your local VONS or Ralphs for about $3.50.  If you're not a water lover try it out! It might just be that you need a pretty container to get your daily water in take :)

*sigh* I couldn't help it, Victoria's Secret items make me melt! It's a bit personal what's in the baggy but I CAN tell you that it's blue and lacy.. HOT ;)

I made a stop at my very favorite Drugstore CVS and picked up some items I needed.  Well, maybe not the chocolate.  I picked up the Aquaphor lip repair.....amazing! I also needed an eye makeup remover and to my surprise, they sold out of the Neutrogena makeup remover ;(  Instead, I purchased the CVS brand, and I guess you can call it  L'Oreal  "knockoff" eye makeup remover which seems to be working well. Orbit, my favorite gum ever! and specifically, the strawberry! Yummy.

Had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen this week! Yumm-O! How refreshing does this drink look? One of my friends ordered this Strawberry Mojito, I never knew they even existed! It had tiny bits of Strawberries!

GO DODGERS!! This Sunday I get to take my son out for his FIRST ball game! YAY!! I am so excited!  We will get to walk the field and watch the players warm up which is going to be awesome! The weather looks like it will be pretty good....fun times ahead! :)

Battle of the Mascaras!

May 16, 2012

 After obsessing over two mascaras for the past couple of weeks I have found a winner!!      The L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon black mascara battled it out with L'Oreal Voluminous      Millions lashes and lo and behold Voluminous Million lashes won! 


1.) Packing! It looks very expensive and high end, nothing like the usual drug store mascaras that look quite cheap.

2.) The brush! I personally enjoy plastic wands, I feel they work better for me rather than the soft bristle ones.  I find that the plastic wand REALLY separates my lashes and coats them A LOT better.  I feel that the wand also lengthens my lashes dramatically without giving them that clumpy result. 

3.) The price! I mean, c'mon, nowadays a mascara can cost you almost $25 or more! which is INSANE!! But not the Voluminous! You can get it for about $7-$8 at drugstores.


1.) Flaking? I have an 8-5 p.m. work schedule and I found that on a few occasions the mascara flaked a tiny bit right at about 5 p.m. which TO ME is NOT such a big deal considering how amazing it worked toward definition, length, volume...whatever you want to call it. Usually I get home and automatically remove my makeup.  This only happened A FEW times, other times I got NO flaking AT ALL.



Recent Purchases...

May 4, 2012

I was running really low on some face products so I just had to make a pit stop at the mall, CVS, Sally's Beauty Supply and Sephora.  As you can see from the picture above these are all the products I "needed"..LOL! Ever since I hit the age 30 yeah that's right 30 I am old..haha.. I have been wanting to try some anti-aging products, I found a great toner to help my hyperpigmentation and clarisonic came out with a new brush head geared toward acne-prone skin which I have.  So let me briefly go threw the items I purchased.

1.  Kiehl's- I recently ran out of my creamy avocado eye cream so I decided to purchase another eye cream from kiehl's and I went with the midnight recovery eye cream it is "supposed" to help dark under eyes, puffiness and it also has anti-aging properties which I am on the hut for all the other stuff is just a bonus.  I also picked up the Abyssine Cream which is an anti-wrinkle cream and I use this at night don't have really much to say yet being that I have only been using it for about a week.  All I know is that it hasn't broken me out and that's a plus.

2. SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone-  This is a brightening activator/toner that has been working wonderfully. I purchased it off the Sephora website for 19.00 which isn't bad the only down side is that it is only 4 fluid oz.  Wish they made a bigger bottle :(

3.  Clarisonic brush head-  It was time for a new one and I saw that they came out with a brush head for acne prone skin.  I have used the sensitive, the pore cleansing and now this one I want to say this one is by far the softest and has been working wonderfully think I will repurchase.

4.  Coconut oil-  I have been using this on my hair as a treatment.  I have only tried it a handful of times but it has left my hair super soft.  What I do is only apply it to the ends of my hair and put my hair in a bun over night then wash out in the morning.

5.  Covergirl Lash Perfection-  I have been enjoying my covergirl lash blast(orange tube) and when I saw this one I thought I would give it a shot.  I want to say I like the original better.

6.  China Glaze-Frost Bite such a great bright blue color, if your in the market for a blue nail polish pick this one up!

These are just some of the things I picked up recently and wanted to share them with you.  Let me know if you guys have tried any of them or have any recommendations!!