Celine Mini Luggage

February 28, 2012

Oh how I love thee let me count the ways...

This bag is one of those timeless bags that will never and I mean NEVER go out of style.
When looking or should I say lusting for a bag it must be 3 things....
1.  The quality of the bag must be outstanding and sturdy!
2.  I look for a color that goes with all my outfits and well the Celine bag comes in some really great colors
3.  Size does matter!! It can't be small or too large (I have 2 children and a husband so that means my bag carries a lot of junk..haha)

With all this being said there is still one question that has not been answered

Look For Less Friday: Jennifer Lopez

     February 24, 2012

Sweater-Gap, Tee-Gap, Jeans-Nordstrom(Vigoss), Shoes-Steve Madden

Look for less Friday: Kim Kardashian

    February 17, 2012

            Blazer- Urban Outfitters
            Tank- H&M
            Jeggings- Nordstrom BP 
            Purse- Nordstrom
            Shoes- Norstrom Rack

Happy Feet!

   February 16, 2012      

So lately I’ve been wearing my high heels to work Monday- Friday and to be quite honest with you, my feet are upset.  After a long 8 hour work day I can literally hear my feet cursing at me.  Immediately I realized “I need a shorter heel!”
 I envisioned….*hand on my chin* Throw on any of my favorite colorful skinny jeans…. pair it with a nice blouse or  a t-shirt….. put on my pumps and I’m out the door looking fab! – All I could think of is, “SOLD!!”
I began my hunt for a smaller heel for those “im not in the mood for high heels today!” kinda days.  While shopping at The Americana on Glendale I visited a store very dear to my heart, H&M! As no surprise to me, H&M did not disappoint! I found the heels and at the ridiculous price of $24.95, what girl doesn’t love a nice and inexpensive pair of heels? I purchased three colors,  electric blue, nude and a black, all which I can wear with oh so many, many outfits. 

Valentine's Day Nails

    February 11, 2012

So for Valentine's Day I decided to try out the Sally Hansen polish strips in the pattern "I love lacey."  This is the second set I try and surprisingly enough they last as long as the package claims...about 10 days.  Super easy to apply and comes off easily with nail polish remover.  If you aren't in the market for Valentine's Day nail art then check out their other 40 different styles available! 

♥ Valentine's Day fashion ♥

     February 9, 2012

Baret-H&M, Coat-Charlotte Russe, Blouse-Nordstrom, Jeans-Target, Boots-Zara, Gloves-Target, necklace mrsheek, Purse-Jimmy Choo

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I put together a fun outfit perfect for a day/night out with that special someone or if you are simply going out with the girls! The weather has been all over the place lately and this day we just happened to get some rain which doesn’t happen quite often here in Los Angeles-im not much of a rain girl to be quite honest with you :0/

To spruce up my spirit, I took out my Charlotte Russe coat and paired it with my favorite red skinny jeans from Target.  I’m so excited about Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays! (yes, I consider it a holiday! Hee, hee).  A steak dinner at Houston ’s or some Japanese food at Katsuya are the top choices for that special night.

A Rainy Day!!

  February 8, 2012

    Jacket-American Eagle, Scarf-Windsor, Turtleneck-Banana Republic, Jeans-Gap, Boots-Frye, mrsheek-mademoiselle necklace.   
So we finally had a rainy day here in Los Angeles, which I am very excited about.  For the past several weeks the weather was like summer. So when I saw the forecast I was ecstatic to be able to pull out the boots and umbrella.  My favorite time of year is Winter. However, here in Los Angeles we never really seem to have a TRUE winter.  A couple of rainy days here and there and well, that's our winter...   

Downtown L.A.!

 February 7, 2012 

So what better way to start a blog than a shot of a place very dear to our hearts, Downtown Los Angeles! So much has changed that it's not just a business district anymore, it's also an amazing place to live, shop and also dine out with friends! If you are in the area, check out Shabu-Shabu! It's an amazing Japanese restaurant where you cook your own food at your own pace. Pretty much, you become a chef! Super fun experience with a date or a night out with the girls :)