Little Miss Preggers...

July 12, 2012

Hi guys! Today's outfit was inspired by my pregnant belly! I am 6 1/2 months along and although you might say I'm not showing that much, just WAIT and SEE! haha.  Most of my weight will be gained at my 8th and 9th month which is just around the corner! AHH!!

All I seem to wear nowadays is loose, comfortable tops (can you blame me?). Time is flying by so fast and I still haven't began getting ready for baby! Anywho, enough baby talk lol.  This red blazer is definitely my go to jacket, I can literally throw it on with aaanything! The shoes I'm wearing are one of my favorites from the Christian Siriano for Payless colletion, yes, PAYLESS!- oh, and, don't mind my roots!! Need a hair dye job ASAP! lol.

What I wore:

Blouse- Nordstrom
Shorts-Forever 21
Shoes- Payless
Jacket-Forever 21

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