Let me show you a few of my current addictions....

March 30, 2012

I thought I would share with you all the current products I am IN LOVE with and am currently using on a daily basis! Lately I've been keeping it simple.  Considering I myself,  like a lot of people, wake up early and head out the door for work.  Here's a quick list of the products at the top and why I'm madly in LOVE!

1. Chanel Vitalumier Aqua foundation- This is one of the best foundations I have ever used. If you have acne I wouldn't recommend it for you (not much coverage). There's a lot of shades to choose from which is awesome! I feel this is a great everyday foundation...and although I love it, I might not recommended it for nightime use since the coverage is not the best.  I feel the foundation goes on super natural and just looks amazing! Keep in mind you MUST shake the bottle before use, because of the water. 

2. Murad Sheer Lustre - I am ADDICTED to this stuff. Plain and simple.  Not only does it instantly hydrate my skin, but it provides SPF 15.  This stuff is sure to brighten and protect your skin.  After applying this moisturizer I immediately get soft and glowing skin..AND it smells good :)

3. Aquaphor lip care- Okay so my lips get dry ALL the TIME! Arrghhh! This stuff is pretty amazing at helping me keep them moisturized.  I've tried sooo many things out there and nothing has helped as much as this. This lip repair is about $5.00 at drugstores.

4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer- Ever since I broke my amazing Chanel bronzer this has been my go to bronzer.  It looks kinda mudy, dirt color in the box lol.. but it's nothing like the finish it gives you.  You get SO much product and at a fairly reasonable price.  The bronzer comes with a small brush but honestly, I've never used it :0/

5.  NARS Blush (deep throat)- Okay so don't let the name scare you! :) The color is a peach/pink with a bit of shimmer.  This blush is not glittery AT ALL, it gives your skin a nice and subtle finish...almost leaving your skin healthy looking.  This is definitely a blush I wear a lot....a lot...it's just so soft that you pretty much cannot go wrong.

6. Chanel Glossimer (Mirage)- I purchased the mirage glossimer more than a year ago and fell head over heels for it. Chanel discontinued it so now I purchased again on ebay! Thank god for ebay!  I can't say enough about the amazing formula.  The lipgloss goes on soo smooth and is not sticky and gunky as other lipglosses are.  The packaging is just so elgant that it's impossible for me to switch....I'm a sucker for packaging. The price is a bit high at about $25 :( but if purchased, you can always use it for those special days!

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